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Does the real estate firm/brokerage I choose matter when I sell my house?


The truth is that it’s all about the individual agent you hire and what type of marketing / search they are going to do once you sign the contract. The size of a real estate brokerage firm has more to do with how good they are at getting and keeping new agents, but not about how good their agents are at buying or selling homes.

But one could easily assume that if a company is five times larger than another company, they should sell five times as many properties, right? Well, that is simply not the case.

In fact...Real Estate firms don’t market and sell houses, agents do and they do it with their own money.

Any licensed real estate agent can show any home on the market no matter what real estate firm they are part of, but buyers will now look for homes on their own on the Internet before they ever talk with an agent.

If it’s all about the agent and not so much about the firm.... Choose your agent carefully :)

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